Klunscher LLC is a company that was founded upon years of professional experience in system commissioning, and the recognition of a need for services that offers meticulous attention to detail. 

Through many successful collaborations with clients in the industrial sector, it became clear that there is a strong necessity for an expert who can respond to the customer's needs in a precise manner. 

Complex industrial automation machines are designed very specifically for individual conditions.
Thus, finding solution to possible malfunctions is a very demanding task.   

We would therefore like to introduce you to the person who can take on exactly these challenges, and proudly present to you our Diploma Engineer in the section below. 


Mr. Haschke is an Engineer for IT and Electrotechnology. 

He was born and raised in Germany, and graduated from his academic training at Saarland University with honors.

He began his career at the Intel Visual computing Institute where his final position was Research and Operations Manager.

In 2014, he changed Industry and has since built up a mentionable reputation as troubleshooting-expert in the are of Industrial machinery commissioning.